Saturday, October 22, 2011

April 2011- Youtube Rant

Apr 19, 2011-Hello again everyone! Since this is my very own website and not a Youtube bulletin, I can feel a little more free to speak my mind without having to be too nice about it to Youtube. Here is the deal, I had to remove my vids from Youtube, at least for 6 months, anyway.The Video 10-011 First Balloon Video of 2010 was flagged for being inappropriate Youtube gave me a warning for the video.Three warnings within a 6 month period means they delete your account. Last time this happened, they game me one warning for a similarly relatively benign video, then dug up two other videos shortly afterward, and flagged those two as also being inappropriate, and used that as an excuse to delete my account. All my friends, all the lovely encouraging comments, all the subscribers, video requests, and video views were GONE. If I remember correctly, at least one of my videos was nearing 100,000 views- a milestone I was looking forward to.... all this GONE with no real explanation.I would really prefer it if instead of youtube letting you post whatever, then punishing you for it later (in this case probably over a YEAR later) that they would give you the option of posting it to a holding area for them to review it and determine if it is appropriate or not BEFORE they post it....Please email me if you would like to help. I would like to get an idea of how much support I can get in this effort to bring some fairness to Youtube's policies on determining what is appropriate-I have some really great ideas on how to help Youtube address this issue. As for video updates, please continue to check back to the site- I can post pretty much whatever I want there, and I promise not to flag my own videos :-) Please continue to send video requests, I am way behind as usual, but I will add them to my to-do list. But seriously, if you can spare about 10 minutes, email me, I think I can get youtube to listen to their viewers on this issue.