Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Skinny vs BBW..Fetish vs 'Normal'

First off I'll start with Fetish...
We all have different ideas on what is 'normal' and what is kinky and what is Fetish. Fetish usually means to me, something that the majority of people would find shocking or 'crazy'. Some people keep their personal fetish and kink deeply in the closet..afraid to tell people for fear of what it might say about them. I find that sad and stressful. But I also understand why they do it. I feel people should feel free to express themselves..we are all different, we are not turned on by the same things..fact of life, and we should not feel ashamed to be ourselves. If all you desire is what is considered 'normal' and your partner feels the same..then that's perfectly okay. Not everyone wants to walk on the wild side, and shouldn't be put down for it. But the ones that do should not be made to feel embarrassed or ashamed by what turns them on, or what turns their partner on. Which leads me to my next topic..

I am not anti skinny people. I do not hate them or hold any grudges. I only ask the same treatment in life that they get. And I find it horrible the way we BBW and BBM are treated in society.
I grew up chubby. I got to hear the ole,"You'd be pretty if you lost some weight." Or, "You have such a pretty face if you weren't so fat."  What is a young person supposed to say to that? I got diet books for Christmas from people. Gee..thanks. I was even sent to live with a family member one summer cause she was going to 'fix me'. Once when I was with my family eating out..I had to sit alone with my brother..a group of 20 year olds came in..one by one they passed our table, and said to him, "hey, your girlfriend is fat." I sat there in horror. No one came to my defense. I grew up with a certain identity, that I would never be accepted as me unless I was skinny. No matter what I accomplished, no matter how wonderful a person I was..I was fat..therefore not good enough.
Why is it still accepted to treat people this way? You would not go up to a little person and say 'Hey you are small.' Or to a disabled person 'Hey you are retarded.' So why can people get away with belittling fat people?
I firmly believed my whole life that I would have to meet a very tolerant person, or settle for someone to be in a relationship. No one would ever really prefer a fat person. But I am happy to say I was very wrong. You cannot imagine my shock at learning there were people in the world that liked plus sized people. And the number of people willing to be outspoken about it is growing..I hope to contribute to that.
  Another problem I had growing up fat is that guys thought I'd be 'easy'..I'm fat..how could I be picky. And they would be shocked that I refused to have sex with them. They also assumed I must eat all the time..I don't. I eat once a day..supper. They also underestimated my strength..I used to swim everyday, and I was in gymnastics til my boobs got so large. My brother used to try and show off by trying to beat me up in front of his friends. I would put his butt on the ground real fast. I grew up playing football with my cousins..and we would tackle each other hard. Stereotyping me is a mistake.
  And those painful past moments are just as fresh in my mind as they ever were. I get to carry this around with me for the rest of my life. It is not fair. And it is not fair to the other people who had to grow up this way or are growing up right now this way. How dare you do that to anyone.
  I started my website, not to just promote fetish and BBW, but to show other fat people that they are loved and wanted for who they are. I don't want not one more girl to kill themselves or think they have to settle. You don't. Don't let the media and society tell you no one wants a fat person..there are so many people out there that will find you lovely just the way you are. I know it's hard. I've lived it. And it took the kindness of a wonderful person to show me I don't have to believe the ugliness that was hammered into me.
  It is not okay to make fun of anyone. For any reason. If you don't prefer fat people..then don't date them. If you don't like being tied up or other kinky stuff..then don't do it. I am not a fan of blondes..not really attracted to them. But I don't go out and persecute them. It's just my particular taste.
  I get a lot of hate mail..and I'll admit at first I let it bother me..but now it just makes me laugh. If you watch 100 of my videos, with BBW in the title..and spew hate on all of them. Well, I have to wonder if you are just mad at yourself for maybe liking what you see and are afraid of that. And I find it sad that you took the time to do all of that when you could have been doing something productive in your life. I have plenty of fans..I treasure them all.
  So next time you hear someone putting down a fat person or anyone..please stand up for them..I can only hope one day people will be accepted for WHO they are..gay, straight, black, white, small, tall, fat, skinny, disabled, man or woman. We need to start treating people better. You don't have to like me to give me the respect I deserve.
  I welcome any comments and questions..and thank you for taking the time to read this. Be well and safe.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Getting my ducks in a row...

I have been very busy lately working on the website. I have been trying to add content and make it more user friendly. All this while dealing with different drama's that tend to crop up. So I will apologize if I have been late answering email or getting to requests or posting vids.
I am back on a schedule now, and it should run much smoother. I can promise you, I do read my mail and I do keep a list of requests. I lost a large chunk of requests and friends when Youtube banned me..and I've struggled to get back even half of my followers. For those that kept the faith and had patience that I would be back..you will be rewarded! Thank you so much..