Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years Resolution...maybe I can keep this

Well, here it is another new year..and as usual we all reflect back to the previous year/years and tell ourselves what we would like to change for the coming year/years. I have made many empty promises, as we all have. But this year I hope to do at least one thing Paul will be proud..KEEP UP WITH MY BLOG.

If anyone has any topics they would like me to discuss, I'll be happy to do so. Also, I will keep everyone updated on any upcoming new vids..which I hope to be getting back to real soon. It's been a long hiatus I know..things kept coming up. Sorry.

I usually write at night, it seems that's when my thoughts arrange themselves into anything resembling readable. My one other goal this year is to get back to drawing..I fear how awful the first ones will be, it has been about 10 years since I did anything serious. I miss it. I used to be good at it. So, I am going to limber up the fingers and dust off my drawing board..and have at it.

I would also like to take this moment to you walk around your daily life, do something nice for someone everyday..and do it without expecting anything in return. Open a door for someone..let someone in while you are in traffic..and when someone is making fun of someone else, stand up for not tolerate someone picking on others..and for those of us who have to endure this nonsense, stand up and stop taking it. This not let being bullied or picked on stop you from living your life the best way you can. Let's all remember we don't each of live on an island..we all must, MUST learn to live and get along with others. You don't have to LIKE everyone you meet..I sure don't..but you can treat people with respect. Choose to do so..cause it is a choice.

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  1. Kimmy,

    Well said. It needed saying, as it's not said nearly as often as it should.


    P.S. Hope you don't mind...